Digital Reasoning was founded by Tim Estes and Dot Currey on the unshakable conviction that machine learning would be incredibly transformative, empowering people in new ways and making a positive difference for humanity.

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To protect the things that matter.

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What began as a vision has flourished into a team of wonderfully talented, diverse and dedicated people who have made this transformative technology a reality. We call ourselves Reasoners, and we measure our success not only in the progress of the technology we have built, but in the truly meaningful benefits it has brought to millions of people’s lives.

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We found our first customers in the shadow of 9/11. Our ability to extract vital insights and patterns in huge volumes of human communications data became essential for national security. The intelligence community drove us for a decade and validated our technology. Today, we benefit from the support of insightful investors who understand the potential of our mission and value its positive impact.

Our partnership with Thorn, a non-profit founded by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, uses our cognitive computing technology to identify trafficked humans and those who control them. Every day law enforcement is able to rescue more trafficked children and prosecute more perpetrators.

Our alliance with Nasdaq has given us global reach. Integrating our technology into their surveillance solutions means corrupt traders will have fewer places to hide, ultimately dissuading them from committing crimes that put our financial system in jeopardy.

Our partnership with HCA Healthcare is saving lives. Describing the value of unstructured patient and clinical data, HCA’s chief medical officer, Dr. Jonathan Perlin, has said, “When you use the actual text language, you have the richness of signal. And that’s where Natural Language Processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence get’s really interesting.”

The Call

It is our customers and partners who will change the world. By creating software that learns, we humbly but fiercely are making their achievements possible. Our energy and determination to improve our world has never been stronger.

Do you relish a challenge and yearn to create something new rather than following the safe path others have created for you?