Instant message analytics to understand client conversations & drive revenue growth

Trade Intelligence is a front-office solution to organize, analyze, and visualize chat communications. Large parts of capital markets trading use voice or chat channels to search for pricing and executing trades. There is no easy way to obtain structured chat conversations for quick search and discovery. Trade Intelligence solves this.

Trade Intelligence applies artificial intelligence to structure instant messages to provide client insight, market transparency, and operational efficiency.

Our solution helps manage the high volume of conversations, measuring the quality of the conversation, monitoring the conversation from discussion to trade execution.

Grow through client insights

Trade Intelligence uses advanced artificial intelligence to sift through huge volumes of instant message communications data, to organize and analyze it with one goal: Understanding your clients better.


Increase in productivity


Increase in actionable client insights

Understand client intent and anticipate their next move

Our discovery engine follows the trading conversation from initial inquiry to execution.

We evaluate sales opportunities, either missed or not executed for a particular reason.

With unparalleled precision, Trade Intelligence resolves chat conversational intent, behavior, and preferences. This enables Trade Intelligence to create network connections of client interactions. It turns client preferences into actionable insights, providing sales-traders with a competitive edge.

Digital transformation to ensure client centricity

In an ultra-competitive environment top skills required by trading desks revolve around relationship and data management. The digital transformation of investment banking is a top priority for all executives. Trade Intelligence provides a daily briefing from reliable client communication analytics.

Ensure your client interactions are captured and monetized.

Proactively manage risks to your reputation

Show trading activity with behavior and hidden sentiment so you can keep your company out of the headlines and avoid damaging your public reputation.

High-quality communication analytics from instant messages can detect deteriorating client sentiment, behavior, and potential loss of support.

Use Trade Intelligence to get in front of the conversation, mitigate the risk, and ensure clients are retained.

10 Million

Instant messages reviewed for one client that identified areas for client retention, cross-selling, and expanded service coverage



Adapt to real language usage

People express thoughts and ideas with almost infinite variety. Trade Intelligence analyzes capital market language with human-like skill, reliably extracting nuance, context, and client resolve.

Compare behaviors and intentions

Integrate analytics of structured data, such as asset holdings, reasons for initiating disposing of, or acquiring bonds, equities, or currencies could be enriched to build deeper insights based on behaviors and intentions.

Explore hidden trends

Insights across clients reveal trends that may not be detected on an individual basis - executive dashboards provide a global view across client groups, geographies, and other categories. Trade Intelligence enables growth not only from understanding client requests, but positions the firm to act on cross-selling opportunities, from other trading desks, or overnight requests from cross-border clients.


Integrate knowledge about your clients

Client knowledge recorded into CRM systems is often too thin to be meaningful. Trade Intelligence enriches instant messages with metadata, revealing hidden trends and essential details. Trade Intelligence turns the client’s words into deep insights, reducing rote work by automatically updating CRM, BI, and order management systems that make insights actionable.

Outperform competitors

Deep insights inform client-centric management strategies that help to build loyalty, unlock opportunities to increase revenue, and enhance competitiveness.

Proactively manage complaints

Proactively manage complaints

Predictive analytics and accumulated knowledge help to surface at-risk clients, allowing action to be taken to mitigate problems and avoid loss.

Compare behaviors with intentions

It usually takes time to understand the ‘why’ behind client behaviors, but Trade Intelligence uses proven AI to deliver rapid insights that explain rather than just measure.

Turn risk into opportunity

Assess sales-trading coverage gaps, or service weaknesses - and reframe them as opportunities to hone an offering and restore satisfaction. Trade Intelligence ensures risks are revealed so opportunities emerge.