We turn communications and structured data into insights that enable transformative change.
Proven Communications Analytics

We have built the world’s leading AI technology for understanding human communication, both written and spoken. Developed over more than a decade, our software uses patented algorithms to automatically identify entities, relationships, and facts in order to reveal what’s most critical to our clients. It works in multiple languages, domains, and modalities, generating human-centric insights that are operationalized through solutions that pinpoint risks and reveal opportunities, while enhancing performance and productivity.

Human Centric Insights

Advanced analytics have made it easier to use big data to identify the patterns or anomalies that describe behaviors. Discerning the underlying intentions and emotions that drive behind behaviors is much more difficult.

Communications provide the best source of data for understanding intentions and emotions. Our solutions are trusted by the world’s most regulated industries to extract meaning from huge volumes of electronic messages and recorded audio. Integrated into established workflows, they automate processes and inform human actions.

Machine Education

Organizations that are enabled to transfer their employees’ knowledge to computers, quickly and accurately, are best placed to realize the competitive advantages of automation and insights at scale.

Digital Reasoning uses active learning and intuitive interfaces that empower anyone to train our solutions. Our revolutionary Cognition tool cuts training time from months to days or even hours, demands no data science skills, and reduces the costs of analytics model building by many orders of magnitude.

360° Profiles

Organizations are using advanced analytics to extract insights and patterns from their data, but the expanding scope and vast scale of today’s data sources is driving a proliferation of tools. The risk is that data is distilled into knowledge, yet remains trapped in silos.

Digital Reasoning uses entity resolution to coalesce insights from multiple data sources to build individual profiles of people, organizations, locations, and more. As insight accumulate, profiles make it easy to understand the hidden relationships and patterns that connect them. Our solutions provide profile dashboards as well as the option to output insights to populate CRM systems, chatbots, BI tools, and optimization engines.

Understanding Language

Meaning and intention depends on semantics and context. “Let’s take this offline” could be an innocuous request to advance a meeting agenda, or an attempt to collude in secrecy. “This is the third time I’ve asked for this” could be a complaint, or a delighted customer making repeat orders.

Digital Reasoning has built the world’s most advanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology and tested it in the most demanding environments – defense and intelligence, healthcare, and financial services. It outperforms increasingly commoditized Natural Language Processing (NLP) by going deep into sentiment, emotions, and intentions, enabling our customers to focus on the communications insights that matter.

Global Deployments

Separating hype from reality can be a challenge when organizations evaluate advanced analytics solutions. Industry promises have sometimes outpaced delivery, not only at ambitious startups but also at some of the biggest tech brands.

Digital Reasoning software is used by world-leading organizations in business, healthcare, and government. Our solutions deliver proven ROI in global deployments. Our experienced team of experts in AI, data science, and enterprise implementations operates internationally, complementing and supporting our clients’ teams.