Voice is now the leading channel for misconduct and banks are under growing regulatory pressure to improve monitoring of voice communications. Enforcement is increasing and tougher rules, such as MiFID II and MAR, mean sampling is no longer adequate. Many voice surveillance and audio analytics technologies are limited by a lack of integration and domain adaptation. The result is minimal gains in efficiency that barely move the needle on escalations.

We’ve partnered with leading banks to create voice analytics software specifically for conduct risk applications. It seamlessly integrates with our proven and widely adopted Conduct Surveillance solution.

  • Accurate: Trained with noisy, domain-specific data for market-leading accuracy
  • Efficient: Seamless workflows increase surveillance scope with the same staffing
  • Easy: Smart search tools skip silence and innocuous speech to highlight what’s relevant
  • Effective: Reduced false positives and enhanced identification of true positives
  • Integrated: Works with our Conduct Surveillance solution to cover all communications sources
  • Trusted: Developed with and used by world-leading financial institutions

The experience of our customers and partners is that voice analytics technologies don’t perform well on financial domain audio data. Our mission was to build a solution that works for banks. Working with the industry, we’ve developed an end-to-end approach that starts with accurate transcription, is tuned to each customer’s data, offers seamless monitoring and investigation tools, and integrates with our award-winning Conduct Surveillance solution.


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  • Fast and Accurate: Transcribes 1 hour of audio in under a minute with up to 85% accuracy
  • Contextual Insights: Uses context to surface nuanced language and reduce errors
  • Fine-Tuning: Purpose-built for banks, with custom model training for each deployment
  • Deep Learning and NLU: Leverages sophisticated AI text analytics for transcribed audio data
  • Noise Resilient: Detect speaker from background; highly robust to accents in English
  • Enterprise Scalability: Technology and workflows enable 100% population coverage
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