Financial markets are complex and the language used to communicate trading strategies is extremely technical.  There is an enormous amount of instant messaging moving money around the globe.  Trading desks are under pressure to ensure market-making activity adheres to strict regulations while remaining profitable. Compliance teams are under scrutiny to monitor each conversation for behavior and trade surveillance.

Previously, there was no easy way to organize and analyze all instant messages in chat-rooms where trading activity takes place. Now, however, it is possible with Digital Reasoning’s Trade Intelligence solution so you can:

  • Provide executives with business insights on client relationships to grow revenue
  • Bring transparency across assets, systems and people in a highly-regulated environment
  • Drive operational efficiency
  • Deliver practical insights to enable you to unlock value from chat room communications

Digital Reasoning’s Trade Intelligence solution uses advanced Artificial Intelligence to structure instant messages to provide market transparency, operational efficiency and client insights. Our solution helps manage the high volume of conversations, measuring the quality of the conversation, monitoring the conversation from discussion to trade execution.

Trade Intelligence applies artificial intelligence to provide:

  • Accurate interpretation of complex financial trading language
  • Client insights from previously underutilized communication channels
  • Assistance with capturing price discovery to enable trade reconstruction
  • An easy way to investigate complaints or disputes originating in chat communications
Explore how an AI Solution for Trade Intelligence can help you: