Financial institutions are being challenged to accelerate their customer-centric strategies. In addition to identifying hidden trends and opportunities that can drive revenue, uncovering early signs of dissatisfaction is becoming critical as regulators rule that customer abuses will be met with large fines and even caps on growth.

Banks already own the answers to these challenges. There is no better source of insight than the communication that takes place with customers and about customers.

  • Understand why valuable customers are lost and act to reduce churn
  • Discover the conversations that lead to cross-sell and upsell opportunities
  • Understand product interest and optimize sales interactions
  • Proactively manage the factors that improve broker rankings
  • Act on GDPR and CFPB regulatory risks by identifying customer complaints
  • Understand what high performing relationship managers do differently

The Customer Insights Platform uses patented AI Solutions to turn all forms of communications data into discoverable, understandable, and actionable insights. Proven at the scale of global enterprises, it integrates with established systems and existing processes, finding risks and opportunities hidden within millions of emails, chat messages, social media posts, and phone calls.

  • The leading and most proven technology for analyzing human communication at scale
  • Turn the voice of the customer into an actionable asset, informing CRM, CX, and management dashboards
  • Human-centric insights build deep understanding of risks and opportunities with customers and among employees
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