Surveillance in banking has never been more demanding. Tougher regulations and constrained budgets mean doing more with less. Owners of risk want more robust yet speedier investigations. Meanwhile, next generation technology is raising regulators’ expectations. Conduct Surveillance from Digital Reasoning has been built to meet the challenges of the new surveillance era.

Conduct Surveillance uses award-winning AI to seamlessly analyze text and audio communications, break down analytics silos, and equip surveillance professionals to progress a human-centric approach to conduct risk mitigation.

  • The #1 choice among leading global banks, including the majority of top 10 investment banks
  • Trusted to monitor billions of messages generated by tens of thousands of employees
  • Combines structured and unstructured data insights to build 360° employee profiles that reveal the ‘why’ behind employee actions
  • Proven to deliver a 5x increase in risks identified, and a 3x increase in escalations, with up to a 95% false positive reduction
  • Precision insights enhance surveillance quality and efficiency, reducing total cost of ownership
  • Available state-of-the-art machine education for future-proof adaptation to evolving regulatory demands

The latest edition of Conduct Surveillance delivers integrated alerts from all communications data to reveal the hidden behaviors, intentions and emotions behind conduct risk. Our collaborative approach to product development has honed our capabilities to the needs of the industry: agile AI model training, human-centric monitoring, and seamless workflows that increase surveillance scope with the same staffing. Our new managed hosted offering, co-developed with our partners, brings these proven capabilities to major cloud platforms.


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  • Developed in partnership with leading banks and trusted to monitor millions of messages daily
  • AI technology honed through 19 years of innovation and protected by 20 patents
  • Best-in-class, integrated text and voice analytics, covering email, chat, documents, HR data, turrets, PBX, mobile, VoIP, and more
  • Adapts to shifting priorities and emerging challenges, such as increased scrutiny of voice channels
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