Discover cancer sooner.

Patient Intelligence unites data to spot cases sooner, improve care, and lower costs.

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Accelerate the care process from
discovery to recovery

Better patient experiences

Advanced triage, prioritization, and dynamic workflow optimization helps caregivers spend less time reading and documenting reports and more time improving care navigation and treatment.

Improves clinical quality

Better care navigation and care pathways go hand in hand, with improved outcomes and a focus on patients instead of paperwork.

Streamlines operations

Our AI modeling automatically discovers, triages, and prioritizes new cancer diagnoses within the health system’s total patient population in real time.


The future of care is AI

The barriers preventing hospital networks from implementing AI have been cost and implementation. We’re changing that.


Raising the standard of care

Capture data

Our patented Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning technology intelligently reads pathology and radiology reports at the front-end of the cancer diagnosis and treatment process.

Surface behaviors

The software augments the cancer care workflow in real-time by discovering, classifying, and prioritizing cancer cases for optimal follow-up.

Connect the dots

Advanced triage, prioritization, and dynamic workflow optimization ensures clinicians get the right information about the right patient at the right time.

Act on your findings

As a result, physicians and nurse navigators spend more time with patients instead of reading and documenting reports – improving both patient relations and their own work-life quality.

Improve your existing systems

This enables a greater portion of your cancer patients to receive the benefits of oncology nurse navigation, resulting in a better patient experience.


Beating the backlog

Reduced treatment by



Doubled clinician-patient interactions instead of EMR and paper work

A recent deployment in 150 hospitals was like adding 3 care navigators to every facility.