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Why BNP Paribas invested in Digital Reasoning

Digital Reasoning is recognized as providing the gold standard for communications monitoring to mitigate conduct risk. The quality of our technology and progress of our business led BNP Paribas to make a strategic investment, which was backed by Barclays, Square Capital, Goldman Sachs, Nasdaq, Lemhi Ventures, HCA, and the Partnership Fund for New York City.

“We were very impressed by the work that had been done on Conduct Surveillance.”
– Angel Rodriguez-Issa, BNP Paribas

In this video, Tim Estes, Founder and President of Digital Reasoning, and Angel Rodriguez-Issa, Global Head of Strategic Investment at BNP Paribas, talk about the bank’s strategic investment and the resulting partnership.

Key Points:

  • As part of its efforts to transform its capital markets business for the future, BNP Paribas invests in fintech leaders with strong technology and a proven record of success.
  • The bank was impressed by Digital Reasoning’s Conduct Surveillance solution and saw the potential to apply technology capable of analyzing unstructured communications data to front office use cases.
  • Digital Reasoning will use the investment to extend its global AI platform into new solution areas, as well as behavioral insights that augment Conduct Surveillance,
  • Using communications to understand human behaviors is also critical for understanding customers. Digital Reasoning is developing its technology to deliver a 360 view of customers.

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