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Why BNP Paribas Believes In Customer Insights from Digital Reasoning
Why BNP Paribas Believes In Customer Insights from Digital Reasoning

Digital Reasoning is recognized as providing the gold standard for communications monitoring to mitigate conduct risk. Now, the same quality of analytics is being applied to internal customer communications data, helping multiple lines of business to get to know their customers like never before.

“It’s clear that once we have this tool in hand the customer experience with BNP Paribas will be much improved.”
– Angel Rodriguez-Issa, BNP Paribas

In this video, Tim Estes, founder and president of Digital Reasoning, and Angel Rodriguez-Issa, global head of strategic investment at BNP Paribas, talk about the Customer Insights solution that Digital Reasoning is deploying for its banking customers.

Key Points:
  • Customer Insights evolved from communications analytics for risk mitigate technology installed at half of the world’s global investment banks
  • The solution helps banks to analyze communications between customers and the bank in a human-like way, seeing trends in levels of satisfaction at the level of the individual or across customer groups
  • Digital Reasoning has built a tool called Cognition that enables its banking partners to rapidly educate the solution using employee knowledge
  • BNP Paribas expects Customer Insights to provide banks with relevant, timely information that will enable them to evolve from product-centric to customer-centric organizations
  • Deriving insights from unstructured data, including voice interactions, will help BNP Paribas to increase the intensity and velocity of service and improve customer experience


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