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Intelligent Insider Threat Detection
Webinar: Intelligent Insider Threat Detection

Insider threats can result in significant damage to national security, but cognitive computing is helping government agencies enhance detection by tapping into insights hidden within unstructured human communications data. Digital Reasoning partnered with Carahsoft, bringing together a panel of experts to discuss Intelligent Insider Threat Detection.

Noting that whether created maliciously or unwittingly, insider threats result in grave damage to national security interests, the panelists explored why traditional methods of detection are limited. Relying on monitoring structured information, such as system, access, facility, and print logs, they miss the real challenge of uncovering the next insider threat by identifying behaviors and intent that often lay hidden within massive volumes of human communications, such as emails, chats, and open source documents.

The webinar panel:
  • Aaron Nelson, Director of Visual Analytics, Digital Reasoning
  • Mark Kelton, Director of Insider Threat Solutions, Cipher Systems LLC
  • Matt Keller, VP Federal Services, GuidePoint Security LLC
  • Roger Craig, Data Scientist, Digital Reasoning