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Webinar: How to Identify and Mitigate Human Risk

The fallout from failures to effectively identify and mitigate human risk continues to shape the fortunes of the world’s leading banks and financial institutions. In this webinar, we’ve brought together a distinguished panel of experts to share practical and impactful tips, practices and processes that can help the industry to proactively reduce risks.

In the context of the latest research and thinking from IDC, the group explores the impact of human risk on the financial industry and new communications analytics technologies that leading banks are using to address the key challenges.

Our panel comprises:

  • Mike Versace, Global Research Director at IDC Financial Insights, a leading analyst firm with deep knowledge of the financial industry
  • Vincent Tortorella, Chief Compliance Officer at Point72, a major asset management business based in Connecticut
  • Jacob S. Frenkel, an Attorney with Shulman Rogers, a legal practice that works extensively with financial industry clients