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Download the Foreign Exchange Solution White Paper
Foreign Exchange Solution White Paper

In 2013, a group of FX trading professionals within major banks were discovered to be colluding in an effort to “fix” daily benchmark rates. The traders used email and chat rooms to collude in real time. When the communications were made public by the CFTC, the scandal caused immeasurable damage to the FX market, the financial services industry, and each of the financial institutions involved.

In this white paper, discover how the AI-enabled communications analytics technology built by Digital Reasoning has strengthened banks’ defenses against market manipulation. Learn how our patented technology reliably exposes:

  • Risky communications with external counterparties
  • Obfuscated dealing language relevant to currencies and the “fix”
  • Unethical activity and breaches of confidentiality
  • Evidence of market manipulation by dealing professionals

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