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Webinar: Cognitive Computing — Delivering Next-Generation Revenue, Today

Capital markets businesses have long been driven by data. Today, the combination of ever increasing data volumes and increasingly sophisticated analytics technology is helping to enrich understanding with the goal of generating alpha. However, the challenge of analyzing unstructured communications has meant this rich resource has remained largely untapped.

This webinar explores how next generation, AI-enabled communications analytics is turning internal and customer communications into human-centric insights that inform performance management, client service, and revenue generation strategies.

Speaking on the webinar are:

  • Terry Roch is Head of Fintech Research at TABB Group, an analyst firm that specializes in technology and the capital markets. Terry is a highly regarded expert in this space and held several senior industry roles prior to becoming an analyst.
  • Kim Prado is Managing Director, Head of Client, Banking & Digital Channels Technology in the capital markets division of Royal Bank of Canada. She has over 20 years of experience working in capital markets across sales, trading, and e-commerce.
  • Bill DiPietro is VP of Product Management at Digital Reasoning. He has over 20 years of experience in enterprise software, with a focus on communication analytics, information retrieval, and visual analytics.