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Download the CA Data Protection Migration Case Study
CA Data Protection Replacement Program for Tier 1 Bank

Digital Reasoning replaced the legacy CA Data Protection surveillance tool (also known as DataMinder and Orchestria) at leading global bank with our AI-enabled Conduct Surveillance solution. This case study examines the key challenges faced by the bank and how our migration program was able to deliver change with minimized risk and disruption.

Adopting a next generation solution enabled the bank to extend surveillance from less than 5% of employees to 100% coverage of the 3 million messages generated daily across the bank’s entire US operations. The success of the US deployment led the bank to extend the program to its EMEA operations. Reduced alert “noise” has allowed its compliance analysts to prioritize their efforts and gain a better understanding of conduct risk among its staff. Comprehensive coverage, faster investigations, and more accurate breach reporting means the bank has reduced the threat of costly fines and reputational damage.