AI-powered software au­gments care teams and accelerates the entire care process

Digital Reasoning’s healthcare analytics care management software uses patented Natural Language Understanding and machine learning technology to intelligently read pathology and radiology reports at the front-end of the cancer diagnosis and treatment process. The software augments the cancer care workflow in real-time by discovering, classifying, and prioritizing cancer cases for optimal follow-up; augmenting physicians, nurse navigators, care coordination and oncology pathway efficacy with intelligent workflow support, including dynamic work queues, care pathway matching, and care complexity triage; and extracting key data elements through healthcare cognitive analytics to automate and ease documentation burdens.

Essentially, every step in the cancer diagnosis, treatment, navigation, documentation and follow-up process gets enhanced by the software working invisibly behind-the-scenes.

Enhance patient experience

Patient Insights uses patented AI to automate mundane, repetitive documentation tasks and provides cancer care teams. Advanced triage, prioritization, and dynamic workflow optimization ensures clinicians get the right information about the right patient at the right time.

As a result, physicians and nurse navigators spend more time with patients instead of reading and documenting reports – improving both patient relations and their own work-life quality. Subsequently, this enables a greater portion of your cancer patients to receive the benefits of oncology nurse navigation, resulting in a better patient experience.

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Doubled clinician-patient interactions (instead of EMR and documentation work)

5 Days

Time to Treatment reduced by 5 days

Improve clinical quality

High-quality cancer care delivery can be labor-intensive, especially cancer navigation and care pathway processes. Multiple peer-reviewed studies have demonstrated that navigated patients have significantly better outcomes than cancer patients flying solo. Despite this evidence, the availability of nurse navigators remains limited due to the high employment costs associated with this labor-intensive role.

Patient Intelligence removes that barrier with patented AI that automates the reading of radiology and pathology reports, thereby augmenting and amplifying the downstream effectiveness of the entire oncology care team. Accelerated processes make nurse navigators more efficient, streamline care coordination, and enhance oncology pathway effectiveness.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Our solution uses innovative machine learning models to automatically discover, triage, and prioritize new cancer diagnoses within the health system’s total patient population. Operating in real-time, dynamic queuing technology optimizes care management workflow in target patient populations.

Our innovative solution enables a 200-250% gain in productivity across cancer care teams. A deployment at 150 hospitals in the United States delivered the work output equivalent to hiring 2-3 additional navigators per hospital. Furthermore, hospitals and cancer centers report a 97.5% improvement in cancer registry reporting times, which means they are able to work through backlog with unparalleled efficiency. At some sites, this represents a 39x increase.

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