Mine communications to proactively surface insider threats

Our solution uses a fundamentally different approach to detect insider risks before they become security incidents.

Existing techniques are limited to reactively analyzing machine-generated data and user actions to identify breaches that have already occurred, Our approach models an insider’s intent by understanding the content of their communications so that malicious users can be stopped before they commit an offense.

Extend visibility to communications and move to a proactive approach

We use deep analysis of the contents of electronic communications as a source for identifying and investigating risk, extending your information risk coverage to primary sources of truth.

This same approach has been proven in our clients to directly reduce false positives and increase alerts resulting in escalation.




Reduction in false positives requiring review

Proactive behavioral monitoring based on intent

Our NLP models find signals of employee intent present in communications such as email and chat. Signals such as flight risk, apathy, and complaints are mapped to behavioral profiles in order to proactively locate high-risk employees.

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Proactively identify flight risks to protect your IP and client data

Our risk-based approach will proactively locate key moments when your IP is at risk based on employee behavioral patterns and their opportunity of access to IP. Individual and group-based flight risk patterns can be used not only for protecting IP but for improving retention rates.

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Actionable insights to inform your compliance program

Alerts are only useful if they are actionable. Based on results from our customers we have found that risk profiling is best used to target specific policy reminders and company policy training to groups. Such informed, focused programs can affect observable behavior for up to 4 months.

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Targeted, timely policy reminders
result in observable behavioral
changes for

4 months



Simple communication channels integration

We integrate easily with all communication channels providing over 90 connectors for voice, email, chat, and social.

SIEM and UEBA Integration

Our Alert API provides access to behavioral signals to inform your risk scoring.


False positive reduction techniques

Filters and special handling for duplicate communications, spam, newsletters, disclaimers, signatures, and salutations.

Machine Education

Our patented technologies codify decades of lessons learned in data science and machine learning in order to create high-quality models quickly.

Built on real communications

Our NLP is designed for human communications including jargon and emoticons.


Core platform support for over 50 languages with out of the box policy support for English, Spanish and Japanese.


Live Search

Regardless of whether a message results in an alert being created, all messages are captured, enriched, analyzed and stored for querying by analysts for up to 6 months.

Full text natural language searching

Our unique NLP capabilities provide the investigator with powerful search techniques to surface communications based on metadata, key terms, fuzzy matches, proximity, and behavioral indicators.

Person-centric views

Connecting issues, topics, individuals, and social groups is vital to understand the extent of a case. We provide the tools to quickly explore complex relationships, surfacing key behaviors to inform your actions.

Pattern analysis

Behavior intent changes over time assist not only in finding anomalous activities but also providing insight in to the conduct of departments and social clusters.



Fine-grained functional and data permissions map users to the capabilities, communications, and alerts. Integrate with your enterprise Directory Service and Single Sign-On.

Operational Reporting

We give you the insights to understanding alert volumes, distributions, team workload, and productivity which are key to being able to effectively manage your teams of reviewers.

Workflows and Assignments

Simple user workflows for triage, investigation and escalation.


Auditing and defensibility

Audited and defensible data processing lineage and analyst review.

Proven stability and uptime

Our maturity ensures that 99.9% system uptime is the standard and not the exception.

A global team of experts

Our business is providing you with the software you need and the knowledge to use effectively. Our team of expert advisors, configuration specialists, and data scientists are there to provide assistance when you need it without long-running, costly engagements.

Our Cloud, your Cloud, or your data center

Complete flexibility in deployment strategy whether using your data center, within your Cloud, or providing a premier experience through our managed hosting.


We integrate easily with all communication channels providing over 90 connectors for voice, email, chat, and social.