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Smarsh + Digital Reasoning

Smarsh has acquired Digital Reasoning, the global leader in natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. This acquisition transforms the risk and compliance industry with the first integrated, AI-powered solution for the retention, oversight and analysis of electronic communications.
"Smarsh and Digital Reasoning’s combined capabilities put us in a ‘category of one’ – Communications Intelligence – and we will empower customers to turn compliance and risk management into growth enablers."
"The combined company creates a complete solution to the most important challenges around understanding human communication from capture to archiving, to analytics to surface risks and critical insights. Together, we also bring the only complete AI solution for monitoring remote work and joining it with all other digital channels to create a 360-degree view of risks and insights for the enterprise."
What does this mean for you?
Market Leading Solutions:
Smarsh and Digital Reasoning are quadrant leaders covering the majority of the worlds largest financial institutions managing tens of trillions of dollars of assets with our enterprise archiving, data capture, surveillance and analytics capabilities.
What does this mean for you?
True Enterprise-Scale Solution:
Together, Digital Reasoning and Smarsh bring a unified communications intelligence platform with a suite of enterprise applications proven at the largest scale, over enormous varieties of data and with true AI delivering outcomes for the enterprise.
What does this mean for you?
Two Innovators; One Vision:
Digital Reasoning and Smarsh pioneered using NLP and AI to understand human communications in the enterprise and capturing and storing that data at unlimited scale in a multi-cloud data platform. Together, we will continue to deliver the state of the art to the enterprise and advance the state of practice for leaders in Risk and Analytics in Financial Services and other regulated industries.
In this podcast, the CEOs of Smarsh and Digital Reasoning talk about how their combined offering enables companies to better spot risks in the remote work environment and the new era of compliance.
Learn how the Smarsh acquisition of Digital Reasoning transforms the risk and compliance space with the first end-to-end AI-powered offering to protect regulated organizations from financial and reputational damage.
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