Expert and Peer Group Insights, created and curated by Digital Reasoning

Financial services leaders know that a better understanding of customers is fundamental to future competitiveness. Analyses of transactional and other structured data need to be supplemented with insights derived from customer communications. Opportunities and risks are captured in countless emails, phone calls, chat messages and more. New technology is helping to turn unstructured data into management information that boosts productivity and profitability, and mitigates customer churn and regulatory threats.

Digital Reasoning works with many of the world’s leading financial institutions, applying our technology to help them evolve their surveillance strategies and processes. This microsite brings together the content, recorded interactive sessions, and reports from our peer group events. We hope you’ll find this ever-growing library of insights to be useful as you explore the challenges of your role and debate the solutions.

Available and upcoming content includes:

  • Articles by Isabella Fonseca, a leading industry analyst focused on wealth management, and Christhi Theiss, a former leader of capital markets businesses and now an advisor on fintech
  • Original research conducted by examining the preparedness of the financial industry for next-generation technology
  • Early access to an exclusive white paper by Aite Group exploring customer communication analytics in capital markets and wealth management
  • A live webinar connecting with industry experts and fellow practitioners about customer communications analytics goals and challenges