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We create technology that learns and gets smarter, with the goal of helping people solve the world’s toughest problems. Become a Reasoner and you will measure success in ways that extend beyond the usual bounds of business.

You’ll fit right in if you value honesty and integrity, care about personal, customers’ and co-workers’ success, and are a positive person with a commitment to excellence.

Career Opportunities

Are you a...
Thought Leader

Ideas can change the world. We will give you the tools and resources to bring groundbreaking ideas to life. Digital Reasoning has a track record of turning inspired thinking into impact-amplifying solutions. You’ll be on the front lines of creating and bringing to market some of the most innovative technology in the world today.

Problem Solver

Discover the beauty, power, and immense hope in technology that taps into the hidden order of the world and enables people to solve its toughest problems. Digital Reasoning is a place where people come to work every day determined to make the “impossible” possible. What challenge will you solve? How will you be a part of the solution?

Technology Trailblazer

You can go anywhere and get a paycheck but if you’re motivated by finding new ways of tackling world-scale problems, you may be destined to be a Reasoner. We’re looking for people who seek meaning in their work, enjoy collaborating with and enabling others, and are ready to play a hands-on role in writing the next great chapter in technology.

Make a Difference

Reasoners don’t do trivial. Our solutions help people to find opportunity, prevent exploitation, keep nations secure, catch criminals, rescue victims, and save lives.

Health Insurance

Your health and that of your family is important to you, and to us; so much so that Digital Reasoning provides a variety of health and wellness plans at no cost for you to choose from.

Reasoner Culture

Finding ways to engage is part of being a Reasoner. Whether that means fundraising, volunteering, or just getting together with co-workers for food, drink, and fun it is up to you.

Flexible Time Off

Rigid holidays don’t always align with busy lives. Our open paid time off policy allows you to plan leisure and family time with the reassurance of flexibility for unforeseen events.

Pension Contribution

While you’re busy helping us and our customers build a better future, it’s important to protect your own. We offer pension/retirement contributions in both our US and UK locations.

Easy-Going Pros

Reasoners have sharp minds and professional attitudes, but an easy-going and collaborative culture. We typically dress casually, although we’ll step it up for clients and special events.

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