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VandyHacks Hackathon
October 02 - Nashville, TN

We had such a great time at VandyHacks earlier this month and were proud to return as a sponsor. The event is a hackathon, with 250+ students from across the USA converging on Vanderbilt University in our home town of Nashville, TN (well almost, we’re just down the street in Franklin!).

Our talk on training the world’s largest neural network (shattering Google’s record in the process) sparked interest among the audience. We had to cut questions after 30 minutes so we could get back to the schedule.

The hacks the students presented were beyond impressive. The innovation was especially impressive considering it was a first hackathon for at least half of the participants. We gave the Digital Reasoning Choice Award based on 3 criteria: potential for impact to the community, creativity, and quality of execution. The winners were Pinball Wizard, whose project can be seen here: It was created by Vanderbilt students Connor Goggans and Robby Marshall.

Other interesting hacks included a team that used create a pong game you could play with friends online. Another team integrated GPS data on their phones with the CapitalOne API, creating an app that rewarded players by transferring money from a savings account to a checking or ‘fun money’ account based on the user’s physical activity

For more information about the hackathon, please visit