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It’s time for some patience in the fast-paced world of tech

Our unsolicited advice: Be patient and remember what’s important

Let’s be honest for a minute: We’ve become a bit spoiled, we Middle Tennesseans.

We look around at the many construction sites and marvel at how quickly new landmarks arise, affirming that we’re still It City. We pat ourselves on the back about the number of talented people and prestigious businesses relocating here and still beam just a bit when yet another best-places ranking shows Nashville at or near its top spot.

And so it shouldn’t be a big surprise that some among us have grown a little impatient with the fact that our technology sector isn’t a world-class competitor. It shouldn’t take this long, they say, to develop some really big winners, reinvest the profits from their sales and build out a thriving sector that competes for the best talent and capital. After all, we did that with our health care and music ecosystems, right?

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