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Thomson Reuters Panel on Big Data and Compliance (Dec. 14 / Mountainview, CA)
December 14 - Mountain View, CA

Digital Reasoning’s president, Rob Metcalf, will join other industry experts for an engaging panel discussion about the intersection of Big Data and Compliance.

The panel, sponsored by Thomson Reuters, is part of a one-day working session at the Googleplex in Moutainview, California, on Dec. 14th.

Big Data is both front and center in the media and of concern and intrigue within corporations.

Compliance and Legal functions are being asked to wrestle with an unprecedented level of issues ranging from data breaches to government investigations to uncovering potential smoking guns within company emails. Yet these risk mitigation efforts are often underfunded, underappreciated and under-equipped to deal with modern day challenges.

Dave Curran, the Global Director of Risk & Compliance at Thomson Reuters, and the panelists will discuss a wide range of topics, to include:

  • Leading practices for addressing the “known knowns” of information – how do you find smoking guns?
  • How do Legal and Compliance functions work together productively; as well as with their business counterparts?
  • How do you effectively balance data privacy and business needs?
  • How to create, track and visualize meaningful data about data – e.g., reports and analytics?
  • How to make your case for more headcount and budget dollars?
  • How do you develop the right balance of people, process and technology?