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Tech Firm Aims to Unzip Health Care Data

A Franklin-based tech firm is looking to unlock troves of health care data — an effort that’s won a key relationship with industry heavyweight HCA.

Digital Reasoning specializes in software that helps its clients to more easily parse troves of emails or other unwieldy receptacles of information — and without relying on the use of key words. Computers can use context to yield results similar to a person reading text could, only much faster.

The company, which counts among its clients the U.S. government and investment banks, is expanding its presence in the health care space, said Hal Andrews, Digital Reasoning’s president of the health care division.

Simply put, Digital Reasoning is teaching machines to look for the subtlety and familiarity that exists in conversation, shorthand and subtext, which humans can pick out.

For example, the software can understand the shorthand used to communicate between people familiar with a subject — perhaps, a nurse and doctor exchanging comments over email about a patient — or detect if a code is being used.

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