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Use communication to understand intent

Regulators have declared that establishing intent in cases of misconduct or market abuse is often crucial to successful enforcements. They also acknowledge that capturing these insights can be difficult. For years, compliance organizations financial institutions have struggled with flawed lexicon analytics tools as they try to find evidence of intent.

Digital Reasoning has built the world’s most advanced system for understanding human language. Built into our Conduct Surveillance solution, our proprietary Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology outperforms rivals by going deeper into communications data and identifying language that reveals into sentiment, emotions, and intentions

Words matter

Conduct risk is revealed in communications, but lexicon analytics are imprecise. We pioneered the cognitive systems trusted by leading banks to deliver an accurate analysis.

But context is king

Meaning changes according to context. Our Conduct Surveillance solution knows when “let’s take this offline” is an innocuous deferral or an attempt to collude in secrecy.

Deep understanding with NLU

We’re continuing to lead, investing in award-winning and patented NLU that delivers the benchmark in language understanding and outperforms commoditized NLP technology.

Trained by your own experts

The risks facing your organization are best understood by your own experts. Our easy-to-use model training tool transfers their knowledge into AI analytics models in record time.