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Understand risks and opportunities

Sales figures don’t tell the full story. Why did a product sell below expectations? What were the hidden factors that drove exceptional results? What are customers asking for that we don’t offer? Customer communications data contains many of the answers. The challenge is finding them in disparate systems and too expansive for humans to analyze.

Customer Insights uses patented AI to sift through huge volumes of communications data, turning the voice of the customer into actionable insights that enrich sales reviews, product development, and management strategies. Opportunities are revealed, successes and failures are more easily comprehended, and business planning is better informed.

Unparalleled customer insight

Customer Insights turns customers words into deep insights, reducing rote work by automatically updating CRM, BI and MI systems that make insights actionable.

Analyze every channel

Customers engage through multiple channels: call centers, social media, web portals, and more. Customer Insights analyzes text and audio data with unparalleled precision.

Compare behaviors with intentions

It usually takes time to understand the ‘why’ behind customer behaviors, but Customer Insights uses proven AI to deliver rapid insights that explain rather than just measure.

Turn risk into opportunity

Product gaps or service weaknesses are opportunities to hone an offering and restore satisfaction. Customer Insights ensures risks are revealed so opportunities aren’t missed.