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Achieve ROI on compliance spending

The “blank check” era of compliance spending is over. A product of the financial crisis, scandals, and tougher legislation, today bank bosses need to control spending while meeting the demands of MiFID II, MAR, Dodd-Frank. Mitigating conduct risk requires more sophisticated surveillance, but budgets are under pressure across the three lines of defense.

Digital Reasoning helps banks achieve rapid return-on-investment when upgrading surveillance technology. Not only is our Conduct Surveillance independently proven to deliver a double return within four months, it also provides insights that are mitigating risks and revealing hidden opportunities in the profit centers of the business.

Manage conduct alongside culture

Conduct Surveillance provides objective measures of the gap between cultural codes and true behaviors, creating work environments where ethics are intrinsic rather than enforced.

Mitigate customer risks

Monitoring of customer communications for complaints is helping enterprises identify at-risk customers and target service improvements, as well as meeting GDPR and CFPB rules.

Identify customer opportunities

The analytics that power Conduct Surveillance can be extended to explore customer communications, delivering insights that accelerate customer-centric data strategies.

From sunk cost to strategic investment

Communications insights can be deployed across the business. Employees become more effective and efficient. Management gains better understanding of risks and opportunities.