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Reliably identify customer life events

Information about key life events – births, marriage, career moves, relocations, deaths, etc. – is highly valuable to wealth managers and private bankers. It creates opportunities to expand relationships, enhance experience, and generate revenue. Customers often communicate live events, but they can be easily missed.

Customer Insights uses patented AI to sift through huge volumes of communications data, extract and categorize life events with unparalleled precision, and resolve them to individual customer profiles. It turns the voice of the customer into actionable insights that assist relationship managers and give providers a competitive edge.

Adapts to real language usage

People express thoughts and ideas with almost infinite variety. Customer Insights analyses language with human-like skill, reliably coping with nuance, context, and personal style.

Compare behaviors and intentions

Integrated analytics of structured data, such as product use and transactions, is analyzed alongside communications to build deep insights based on behaviors and intentions.

Meaningful customer interactions

Knowledge of a life event can prompt customer contact and inform product recommendations. Every message and call becomes more relevant and valuable.

Explore hidden trends

Insights across customers inform management dashboards that reveal behaviors, preferences, and intentions across customer groups, geographies, and other categories.