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Reduce customer churn

Understanding what caused the loss of a customer can be difficult. Building an accurate picture in time to do anything about it is even harder. Customers highlight problems in the myriad interactions that take place with an organization, but the challenge is extracting them from disparate data systems and resolving them into a single view.

Customer Insights detects the warning signs of dissatisfaction through AI-enabled analysis of human behavior, intentions, and emotions. Accumulated into profiles of individuals or corporate clients, it makes the voice of the customer discoverable and understandable, allowing informed action to be taken to prevent churn.

Turn communication into insights

Customer opinion is captured in emails, phone calls, social media and more. Customer Insights uses patented AI to find the insights that matter.

Really get to know your customers

The customer knowledge recorded into CRM systems is often too thin to be meaningful. Customer Insights enriches profiles, revealing hidden trends and essential details.

Get ahead of complaints

Precision analytics and accumulated knowledge help to surface at-risk customers, allowing action to be taken to mitigate problems and avoid loss.

Outperform competitors

Deep insights inform customer-centric management strategies that help to build loyalty, unlock opportunities to increase revenue, and enhance competitiveness.