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Manage conduct alongside culture

Financial institutions are determined to protect their most valuable asset – their reputation – and are forging an ethical culture where responsible behavior is intrinsic rather than enforced. Leaders across the three lines of defense are facilitating this strategy by advancing a human-centric approach to the management of conduct risk and culture.

Conduct Surveillance provides deep insights into conduct risk and objective measures of the gap between cultural codes and true behaviors. Accumulated into employee profiles, analysts can understand the ‘why’ behind employee actions. Taking a human-centric approach to surveillance extends the benefits of compliance to support corporate goals.

Behavior doesn’t tell the full story

Analysis of structured data can tell you ‘who’, ‘what’, and ‘when’, but AI-enabled communications analytics allows you to go deep into the ‘why’ and ‘how’.

Human-Centric Insights

Conduct Surveillance accumulates insights from structured and unstructured data to build a 360 profiles of employees and their connections, exposing conduct risk in exceptional detail.

Measure corporate culture

It can be hard to gauge the effectiveness of conduct and cultural policies. Human-centric insights reveal the true impact, for individuals and to track change across the business.

Business-wide benefits

Better understanding of employees, their engagement with policies, and ethical trends helps to inform management strategies to develop better working environments.