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Increase operational efficiency

Our solution uses innovative machine learning models to automatically discover, triage and prioritize new cancer diagnoses within the health system’s total patient population. Operating in real-time, dynamic queuing technology optimizes care management workflow in target patient populations.

Improve navigator productivity

Our innovative solution enables a 200-250% gain in productivity across cancer care teams. A pilot deployment at 150 hospitals in the United States delivered the work output equivalent to hiring 2-3 additional navigators per hospital.

Improve registrar productivity and eliminate backlog

Hospitals and cancer centers report a 97.5% improvement in cancer registry reporting times. At some sites this represents a 39x increase.

Increase patient volume, retention and loyalty

Our AI-enabled solution helps discover new cancer cases and accelerate outreach, increasing volume and patient retention on a margin-positive service line and resulting in an improved financial contribution margin. Finally, improvements to patient retention rates and its positive impact on patient loyalty generates a measurable lifetime care value.