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Improve clinical quality

High quality cancer care delivery can be labor intensive, especially cancer navigation and care pathway processes. Multiple peer-reviewed studies have demonstrated that navigated patients have significantly better outcomes than cancer patients flying solo. Despite this evidence, the availability of nurse navigators remains limited due to the high employment costs associated with this labor-intensive role.

Patient Insights removes that barrier with patented AI that automates the reading of radiology and pathology reports, thereby augmenting and amplifying the downstream effectiveness of the entire oncology care team. Accelerated processes make nurse navigators more efficient, streamline care coordination, and enhance oncology pathway effectiveness.

AI-enabled automation and augmentation

Patient Insights augments nurse navigators, streamlines care coordination, and enhances oncology pathway effectiveness.

Navigate more patients

Improved cancer nurse navigator productivity allow more patients per nurse per month to be navigated. Hospitals and cancer care centers using Patient Insights significantly increased the proportion and volume of navigated patients.

Accelerate time to treatment

Navigated patients experience shorter intervals between diagnosis and first treatment.

Improve patient outcomes

Increasing patient navigation and accelerating care paths improves survivability and mortality, length of stay, adherence rates, appointment compliance, transitional care, and patient satisfaction.