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Identify insider threats

Malicious insiders are few in number, but their actions are especially damaging. The cost of attacks and data leakage attributed to insiders is an estimated $300 billion annually in the US. The difficulty is identifying precisely who poses a threat within trusted groups holding privileged access.

Traditional data monitoring techniques can flag potential concerns, but cannot adapt to context nor be relied upon to reveal identity. Digital Reasoning uses AI-enabled analytics, proven in government and enterprise environments, to reduce false positives, deliver insights into a user’s intent, and build intelligence that assists security personnel to prevent data loss or physical attack.

  • Analyzes both unstructured and structured data at virtually any scale in near real-time
  • Human-like, semantic analysis of human language that learns from context and continually adapts
  • Builds profiles of entities and visualizes relationships for perpetual intelligence with infinite recall
  • Intelligence and surveillance tasks are performed faster and become more reliable