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Enhance patient experience

Patient Insights uses patented AI to automate mundane, repetitive documentation tasks and provides cancer care teams. Advanced triage, prioritization, and dynamic workflow optimization ensures clinicians get the right information about the right patient at the right time.
As a result, physicians and nurse navigators spend more time with patients instead of reading and documenting reports – improving both patient relations and their own work life quality. Subsequently, this enables a greater portion of your cancer patients to receive the benefits of oncology nurse navigation, resulting in a better patient experience.

Beyond patient satisfaction, patient benefits of oncology nurse navigation reported in studies include:

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved emotional support
  • Fulfilled information needs
  • Patient loyalty (NPS)

Patient Insights also reduces time to treatment, allowing contact from a navigator to occur within 72 hours of initial diagnosis. Patients and families receive the comforting, positive patient experience of a coordinated navigation into a pathway at the earliest possible stage.