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Build a human-centric understanding of conduct risk

Surveillance has evolved in response to tougher regulations. Now, regulatory demands to monitor the intentions behind employee behavior is driving a shift to solutions that can replace alert-based methodologies. Our Conduct Surveillance solution combines analyses of behaviors, intentions, and emotions to better identify and mitigate conduct risk.

Digital Reasoning pioneered AI-enabled communications analytics for compliance, enabling the world’s leading institutions accurately monitor intent at scale. We’re continuing to lead the way, with integrated analytics and employee profiles that allow the three lines of defense to proactively mitigate conduct risk and manage company culture.

Understands human communication

Our patented AI combines Machine Learning and Natural Language Understanding, allowing it to continually adapt to changing language, domain-specific terms, nuance, and context.

Analyze behaviors and intentions

Latest regulations require banks to identify intent. Structured data can reveal behavioral anomalies, but only communications data can explain the reasons behind employee actions.

Human-Centric Insights

Conduct Surveillance accumulates insights from structured and unstructured data to build a 360 profiles of employees and their connections, exposing conduct risk in exceptional detail.

AI with an ROI

Conduct Surveillance delivers a proven ROI through more productive workflows, reduced risk, and lower cost of ownership. It also delivers insights that benefit the wider business.