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Accelerate investigations

Analysts in security and intelligence environments face highly complex, cognitively taxing demands to glean insights from big data. Legacy solutions use programmed, deterministic models that struggle with the unpredictability of the real world. They generate a surfeit of manual work, delaying intelligence, hampering surveillance, and risking inaccurate conclusions.

Our AI-enabled analytics work more like a human analyst, aligning machine and human intelligence to produce a more potent cognitive capability. Greater automation makes it feasible to extend and enrich the corpus of data without requiring resource-hungry manual support. Analyst productivity increases and operational costs fall. Government organizations benefit from more reliable insights delivered in a shorter timeframe.

  • Analyzes both unstructured and structured data at virtually any scale in near real-time
  • Human-like, semantic analysis of human language that learns from context and continually adapts
  • Builds profiles of entities and visualizes relationships for perpetual intelligence with infinite recall
  • Intelligence and surveillance tasks are performed faster and become more reliable