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How A Small Tech Team Can Have A Big Impact

Not every company has the budget of Facebook or Google. So for smaller companies with limited tech resources, it’s up to department leaders to get strategic about creating impact.

When hiring more engineers isn’t an option, a company can instead choose to focus their energy on critical business needs and projects that create revenue. Below, 11 technology leaders from Forbes Technology Council offer other creative ways that companies with small tech teams can maximize their limited resources but still create value for the organization.

How to Maximize Limited Resources:

1. Leverage Technical Debt

Like a mortgage, technical debt can be useful so long as you’re ready to manage it in the future. Cut corners and accept some scalability bottlenecks. Use technologies your team already knows to get off the ground fast. In some cases, even reinventing the wheel can actually help, as the price of maintaining code in the short-run may actually be lower than the time spent learning something new. – Yusuf SimonsonThe Muse 

2. Maximize The Core Business

Best practice would be to maximize tech resources only for strategic and core business goals. Then, outsource by project for non-strategic goals or your organization’s non core services. – Alexey Rechkunov, Softfacade, LLC 

3. Leverage The Cloud For Both Computing And Human Resources

Leverage cloud service providers such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google and numerous other SaaS providers who strive to make your financial expenditures on software and services as efficient as possible. Sites like can help you find technical expertise at affordable rates. I estimate my company could’ve saved over million dollars over time if we had these options in 2001. – Tim MaliyilAlertBoot 

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