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See Who Made Upstart’s List of Top Inventors

In the first batch of names to be revealed for the Upstart 100 for 2016, you’ll find entrepreneurs creating new ways to test what’s in food, to play musical instruments, to interact with gadgets, to ride a bicycle and much more.

Explore the class of Upstart 100 Inventors by clicking through these slides. For more, click here for coverage at the Upstart Business Journal.

Here’s who made the list of inventors and where they come from:

  • Jake Boshernitzan: Knocki, Houston
  • Michael Burtov: GeoOrbital, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Mike Butera: Artiphon, Nashville
  • Mike Cagney: SoFi, San Francisco
  • Ace Callwood: Painless 1099, Buffalo, New York
  • Alex Chung: Giphy, New York
  • David Dinenberg: Kind Financial, Los Angeles
  • Tim Estes: Digital Reasoning, Nashville

To see full list and read full article, click here.