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Search Wizards Speak: A Followup Interview with Tim Estes

Digital Reasoning lit up our radar earlier this year. The company’s work for one of the high-profile agencies in the US government was well received. The company’s technology delivered actionable information, PowerPoint-ready graphics, and blistering performance. We were curious and interviewed Tim Estes, the chief executive officer and founder of Digital Reasoning.

On December 6, 2010, the company rolled out its most ambitious upgrade since the firm’s founding in 2000. The firm’s flagship product is Synthesys, and Version 3.0 delivers data fusion and advanced analytics on a par with such vendors’ as i2 Ltd. and Palantir. With i2 and Palantir involved in a complex legal matter, Digital Reasoning has developed its technology in a way that delivers rock solid stability, support for standards, and original methods for processing structured and unstructured information.

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