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Rising to the Challenges of the Moment

At Digital Reasoning, we are facing up to the new world of the last few weeks, like everyone else. This is the “new normal,” they say, but, in reality, it’s just an adaptation. We’ve seen moments that have shaken our world before multiple times and we will overcome this one too.

Missions Inspire our Best Moments

I founded Digital Reasoning in the shadow of the Dot Com crash, saw 9/11 hit in its first year in business, and found a way to keep a wonderful team together through the 2008 Financial Crisis. In fact, with each of those crises, the company’s identity and mission were defined. 

Twenty years ago we created a company that focused on making software that could learn by understanding human language and communications. Shortly after that, 9/11 inspired the company to find critical intelligence that could save lives and prevent catastrophe. 2008 showed us that we needed that same critical intelligence to protect our financial markets from abuse – and we became one of the first to apply true Artificial Intelligence to Conduct in banking communications.

We are not yet sure what challenge Digital Reasoning is supposed to solve in the great Coronavirus Crisis of 2020, but I can promise you that we will figure that out, and it will be part of our story going forward. After all, our company’s mission is to Protect the things that matter. It is always in progress and this will be yet another chapter.

But for now, I’d like to reflect on how we see the world and what’s important right now with a focus on the key human considerations of the coming weeks and months.

Recognizing Sacrifice and Supporting Heroes

With the tsunami of bad news, we empathize with those that live in the center of “hot zones” like New York, Seattle, London, Paris, and Madrid. Some groups will take very real hits to their lives, and some we may lose. Those at risk are not just strangers of a higher age range – they are our parents, our grandparents, our friends, our mentors, and our teachers. 

We also need to focus on the healthcare workers who will bear the brunt of the most severe cases of the virus. Like the firefighters and police officers who ran into the smoke and flames of the World Trade Center, our medical professionals- doctors, nurses, EMTs, and staff are risking their health and potentially their lives to try to save the lives of others. 

They are now the heroes of this generation. We owe them every ounce of our support and every tool we can muster. This is an area that Digital Reasoning knows we can impact, and we’ve already begun working on ways we can use our technology to better protect these healthcare workers on the job while also protecting patients. They have our empathy, but we hope that some of our ingenuity can be put to work in their service as well. Stay tuned.

This Too Shall Pass, Let’s Do Our Part

Focusing on the positives, I believe that many of us will look back together on these days and remember that social distancing may have actually closed the distance that separated us from those we cared about the most by keeping us home and more present. We should cherish that – this slower pace will be gone before we know it – and we must find the unexpected blessing of quality time even amidst the inconvenience and economic setbacks. 

We will have so many moments on the other side of this like the ones we knew before. But we have moments now which will be unique not just for inconvenience and disruption but because we have to stay close with those we cherish the most. For most of us, the sacrifice is an inconvenience. Let’s handle it with grace and by giving of grace to others who are experiencing more real need. Most of us actually have much more to give others than we are being forced to give up for this time. 

A Final Thought

In this moment and time – when it is our flesh and blood that is under attack – it is important to remember that Humanity is not merely flesh and blood. Humanity is spirit. It is that spirit that holds us together across distances and barriers. It was spirit that made technology that connects us. And this present challenge – even its sacrifices and losses – can be turned for the better if we can remember that, tap into it, and rise to the moment with empathy, courage, and resilience. 

History is not the story of comfort and predictability, after all. It is the story of courage and perseverance. And we shall overcome this and be better for it. 

And we will do it together. 

Written By
Tim Estes