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The Reason Behind Our New Brand

It’s almost 17 years since the company I founded took its first bold steps to create software that would learn and improve. Motivating me throughout has been an unshakable conviction that machine learning would be incredibly transformative. I knew that if we could develop software that could learn we would empower people in many new ways and make a positive difference for humanity.

What began as a vision has flourished into a team of 182 (and counting) wonderfully talented, diverse and dedicated people who are making it a reality. We call ourselves Reasoners and together we have proven our technology, won major customers, expanded nationally and internationally, and attracted world class investors and partners. We have built a sophisticated organization that is accelerating its way to becoming a global brand, delivering multiple products to customers worldwide, and recognized everywhere as a true leader in our space.

It is, by any measure, a remarkable accomplishment. An unrelenting endeavor has enabled us to overcome numerous trials and challenges. It means that Digital Reasoning can now measure success not only in the progress of our technology, but also in the truly meaningful benefits we have brought to thousands, even millions of people’s lives.

An especially notable example is our work with Thorn, a non-profit founded by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, which uses cognitive computing to identify trafficked humans and those who control them. Every day our technology helps law enforcement identify children who are victims of sexual exploitation. The tool we developed with Thorn, called Spotlight, has become an essential resource, delivering a 60% time saving for over 3,000 officers in all 50 U.S. states. Over a 12-month period it has assisted in 7,442 cases, identifying 4,545 adult and 1,980 child victims, as well as 2,186 traffickers.

This story is perhaps the strongest embodiment to date of our company’s mission to use cognitive computing to improve our world. For law enforcement officers it means the satisfaction of being able to rescue more trafficked children and prosecute more perpetrators. For the rescued children it means more than we can know. For me, it means that our vision has become a reality.

Think about that. As Reasoners, we find inspiration by the positive difference our technology can make. Our energy and determination to improve our world has never been stronger. But today we can say that this is no longer just a dream.

Most significant of all is that the evidence of our success is told through the experiences of others. It is our customers and partners who will change the world. By creating software that learns, humbly but fiercely we are making their achievements possible. Digital Reasoning is writing its future with them.

We found our first customers in the shadow of 9/11. Our ability to extract vital insights and patterns in huge volumes of human communications data became essential for national security. The intelligence community drove us for a decade, validated our technology, and we continue to share in their mission to protect the innocent.

Our alliance with Nasdaq has given us global reach. Integrating our technology into their surveillance solutions means corrupt traders will have fewer places to hide, ultimately dissuading them from committing crimes that put our financial system in jeopardy. As one Reasoner once described it, “We are restoring integrity to banking.”

Our partnership with HCA Healthcare will save lives. Describing the unrealized value of patient and clinical data, HCA’s chief medical officer, Dr. Jonathan Perlin, has said, “It’s our history, it’s our memory. If we could reliably reach into our memory and know what works best, then imagine what we could do. That’s fundamentally why we’re so excited about the era of cognitive computing.”

The Digital Reasoning brand once promised a better future. Now it tells a story, many stories, of that better future starting to emerge. It’s for this reason that now is the right time for our brand to evolve.

I am thrilled to announce a new Digital Reasoning brand identity. It is a fresh evocation of who we are, a mark of our progress and a signpost for our future. This is a momentous change and I’d like to explain to you why I believe it is significant.

Our outgoing logo, used since 2007, was adapted from an earlier 3D version created in 2003. It’s metallic, grid-like structure symbolized complexity made clear by technology, with the globe representing the meaning of our vision. It embodied our aspiration to bring reason to disorder for the benefit of humanity. Our progress has only magnified that goal, but as vision becomes reality it needs a new expression.

The theme for our new brand is articulated in a new tagline: The Power to Improve Your World™. It encapsulates the meaning of what we do for others, distilling our values – integrity, excellence, teamwork, innovation, customer focus – into our mission to enlighten others about what is possible and be a partner in their achievements. Our new logo continues to evoke our global impact, but also implies the humanizing force that lies behind it. Positive, vibrant and colorful, it’s five shapes echo our values, the world and the human hand.

Our brand will take shape beyond its visual manifestation. We will continue to communicate our vision and mission, but through narratives that put the experiences of our customers and partners front and center. Their tales illuminate how our technology provides the means to solve problems and outperform expectations of what is possible.

I hope you will join me in celebrating a change that symbolizes what Digital Reasoning has achieved and the next stage in our journey. I feel privileged to lead a growing team of Reasoners who share my vision and every day demonstrate their commitment and passion to maintaining its progress. It gives me joy to witness so many years of effort translate into a gathering pace of transformation that is making others stronger, safer and happier. And I’m proud that we have earned the right to claim, with honesty and dignity, that we create The Power to Improve Your World.