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Nashville ai via brett jackson
Realizing the Potential – Brett Jackson

I’m a “potential” person. I love opportunity. That’s why I was unable to resist taking the helm at Digital Reasoning.

Tim Estes is a visionary who has done an incredible job, bringing together an amazingly talented group of people who together have achieved unique and impressive successes. We’ve proven that artificial intelligence can solve complex problems and enable our customers to do more than they ever thought possible.

The groundwork is laid for Digital Reasoning to become a global leader in putting AI to work, solving our client’s most demanding challenges. My job is to help the team make that happen.

The first stage has begun. I’m meeting and listening to our Reasoners to learn what works and what doesn’t, and to understand their views on our opportunities. I have ideas about how to take the company forward, but I’m making no assumptions.

Clarity about our business will inform my work with our leadership team as we set objectives, expand our strategy, and improve our processes to be both effective and efficient. I want us to amplify our successes, increasing the volume and value of what we deliver but with less burden on our highly committed team members.

These successes, delivered at scale, will define our brand. In a world of AI hype, we will be known for how we enable customers to use technology to solve business problems. Focusing on where we can make the most impact is how we will drive our growth within the coming years.

The progress will not mean “job done” but will set us up to achieve the growth which I know we are capable of. Digital Reasoning has had a remarkable journey to date, but we’re just hitting our stride. Watch what happens when we run!