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O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference
June 27 - New York City

Underneath all the hype, real breakthroughs in AI are happening, transforming how we do business. Intelligence engineers and developers are creating software that doesn’t just do what it’s told, but has the ability to anticipate the needs of its users and customers through a combination of pattern recognition, knowledge, planning, and reasoning. If you’re looking for groundbreaking research, compelling use cases, rock-solid technical skills, and teardowns of successful AI projects make plans to join us June 26–29 in New York for the O’Reilly AI Conference.

In addition to sponsoring this year’s conference, Digital Reasoning’s Founder and President, Tim Estes was chosen to speak on June 28th. His session, titled “We Found a Way,” will discuss how AI moves from concept to reality, debates about ethics are evolving into excitement, and the desire to learn more about AI and its promise of a better world. Tim will discuss two customer use cases: Nasdaq, which found a way to use AI to help safeguard financial markets, and Thorn, which found a way to use AI to combat human trafficking and rescue children.

To learn more about the conference, click here.

Interested in attending? Digital Reasoning is pleased to offer a 20% discount on Gold, Silver or Bronze passes. You can purchase your discounted passes here and use the discount code Digital20