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OP3Nvoice and Digital Reasoning Team Up To Deliver Advanced Analytics for Multi-Channel Electronic Communications

Integrated solution will enhance global compliance infrastructure for Financial Services firms

New York, June 18, 2013 – OP3Nvoice, the conversation intelligence platform, and Digital Reasoning, the company that enables automated understanding of complex data sets, announced today at SIFMA TECH 2013 a partnership to deliver an expanded solution for the monitoring and analysis of electronic communications.

With the continued evolution of current trading, conduct and anti-money laundering regulations, and the implementation of more broadly based regulations such as Dodd-Frank, operational transparency, compliance oversight and risk management across the entire enterprise is becoming strategically important within the financial services industry. The combined Digital Reasoning and OP3Nvoice solution will be tailored to meet these challenges by providing complete analysis of communications across the enterprise while looking for hidden relationships and activities that are being intentionally obscured in addition to risks that can jeopardize the reputation and operation of the entire financial institution.

The solution will leverage Digital Reasoning’s Synthesys® machine learning platform, which transforms structured and unstructured data into the underlying entities, facts, relationships, and associated temporal and geospatial patterns. By Integrating with the OP3Nvoice platform that monitors all conversations – whether conveyed by audio, video or text – the combined platforms will provide a powerful and compelling conversation analytics solution designed to uncover critical information within human communications.

“By combining Digital Reasoning’s analytics capabilities with the multi-channel communication capabilities of OP3Nvoice, we will provide an unparalleled understanding of the risks and opportunities captured in human conversations across modalities,” said Tim Estes, founder and CEO of Digital Reasoning.

“This is an exciting development. It unlocks the spoken word and enables very powerful analysis of patterns, trends and insight to be identified and acted on,” said Paul Murphy, founder and CEO of OP3Nvoice. “The pressing need for better compliance solutions has been made abundantly clear to us during our many discussions with the financial services industry and I believe this combination of technologies will be a significant step forward in solving this.”

Both Digital Reasoning and OP3Nvoice are alumni of the FinTech Innovation Lab programs. Digital Reasoning was a leading member of the 2012 New York-based cohort and OP3Nvoice was one of the teams present in the first program operated in London in 2013. Both companies will be exhibiting at SIFMA Tech 2013 within the FinTech Innovation Lab Pavilion. For more information about this event, please visit: