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NSA-Style Intelligence Comes To Financial Services Communications

Monitoring electronic conversations just got a lot more powerful with the alliance of Digital Reasoning and OP3Nvoice, announced at SIFMA today.

Digital Reasoning, with roots in defense and intelligence, can search and understand structured and unstructured data and use it to build a view of underlying entities, facts, relationships and discover geospatial and temporal patterns. OP3Nvoice can monitor audio, video and text conversations across channels including fixed lines, mobile and Skype and search and locate conversations very fast.

The two technologies offer banks a way to monitor for trading abuses, anti-money laundering and helping them meet Know Your Customer requirements.

Digital Reasoning was a leading member of the 2012 New York-based FinTech Innovation Lab and OP3Nvoice was in the FinTech Innovation Lab London 2013.

They started to talk about working together when Digital Reasoning’s CEO Tim Estes flew to London to talk to the first Lab group there about what to expect and how to get the most out of the program. He and Paul Murphy, CEO of OP3Nvoice saw that their two solutions would offer a comprehensive and proactive approach to compliance if combined.

Digital Reasoning’s Synthesys machine learning platform works with structured and unstructured data, including text to show underlying entities, facts, relationships, and associated temporal and geospatial patterns. OP3Nvoice can monitor and search all electronic conversations — audio, video, text across landlines, mobile, Skype a Mac address book or through a CRM application. Users can tag information, add notes and ship the conversations to Dropbox or Evernote. It enables storage of all the conversations from all devices in a single database  and can search  for the words spoken, the notes you made, the transcripts you may have ordered, the date of the call or even the type of call.

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