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Nashville’s New King of Tech: Why it’s Time to Stop Overlooking Digital Reasoning

Digital Reasoning is unlike any other company in Nashville.

For the first 15 years of its life, the cognitive computing company, founded and led by Tennessee native Tim Estes, did not work in health care, Nashville’s signature industry. That didn’t stop Estes and his team from raising tens of millions of dollars, snaring high-profile customers (like the Department of Defense and Goldman Sachs) and attracting dozens of tech-savvy engineers to a region where executives often bemoan a dearth of qualified tech talent.

And it did most of those things without attracting much notice from the community around it. Perhaps because of its highly technical work and its early focus on somewhat secretive government contracts, Digital Reasoning has not always been mentioned in the same breath as other Nashville technology players, like beloved email marketer Emma.

The money raising, customer snaring and talent snagging has only scaled up in the past year. But the part about not attracting notice? That’s changing.

For the past decade, Digital Reasoning quietly built its tech credibility from its Williamson County home. Now that it’s inked a deal with the nation’s largest hospital company and raised another $40 million, Digital Reasoning is no longer doing anything quietly.

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