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Moving Nashville Tech Beyond Health Care

There is no arguing that health care is a boon to Nashville. But through the lens of the technology industry, Nashville’s focus on the health care industry can be a barrier to progress.

For example, we’ve seen entrepreneurial resources pulled toward health care, a la Jumpstart Foundry’s health care focus and the Nashville Entrepreneur Center’s Project Healthcare. This is great for the health care industry, but reinforces the perception that health care is the only game in town.

And it’s become a self-fulfilling prophesy. Our city’s health care tech companies roll off the tongue — Medalogix, Trinisys, Entrada, Qualifacts, CGS and Experian, to name but a few. But when you consider non-health care tech innovators founded or headquartered here — like LeanKit, Emma, Digital Reasoning and our firm — they are fewer and farther between.

So is it time to ignore health care so that Nashville tech can thrive? Absolutely not. Health care helps put Nashville on the enterprise map. But Nashville needs more energy around tech innovation in a range of industries, lest we pigeonhole our community into a single vertical that stifles our opportunity to become a leading center of technology enterprise.

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