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Most Global Banks Will Spend More on E-Comms Surveillance

Virtually all investment banks will channel spending to e-comms surveillance technology over the next 24 months, with 40% making significant investments. These findings – taken from a survey conducted by 1LoD and co-sponsored by Digital Reasoning – reveal how the industry is turning to increasingly sophisticated analytics as it adapts to ever greater scrutiny of conduct risk.

The survey is the largest and most comprehensive of front office controls organizations yet undertaken. Charts of the findings described above are given below, with additional commentary from 1LoD. The full survey report will be published at the end of July. To register for a complimentary copy, complete the form at the end of this page.

In the next 24 months what levels of investment will your organisation make in the following areas?
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“Where future investment is planned is one of the fascinating insights drawn from the annual 1LoD benchmarking survey. The big beneficiaries over the next 24 months are expected to be e-comms and trade surveillance, along with regulatory-related control remediation work. Perhaps surprisingly, none of the responding banks to our survey is planning significant investment in their headcount over the next 24 months, with 40% of banks planning absolutely no investment at all in their offshore resources and 35% intending to make no investment in their onshore headcount. This is in striking contrast to e-comms surveillance, to which 95% of respondents intend to make investment over the next 24 months, with 40% of those banks intending to make a significant investment.”

1LoD’s 2018 Report is the largest and most comprehensive survey ever conducted on the front office control sector, taking insights from the results of an 86-part survey answered by 21 of the world’s largest financial institutions. Including in-depth commentary from regulators, practitioners, consultants and technology experts, as well as a business head, a non-executive director and a military leader, it will be the seminal report for the front office control sector. It also features a directory of the leading technology and service providers.

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