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Match Made in the Cloud: Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Analysis Powered by Smart, Elastic Infrastructure (July 24 / Webinar)

Mission critical intelligence programs within Defense, Intelligence, and Law Enforcement organizations require analytics and computing platforms that can rapidly adapt to the changing needs of the intelligence analyst. With a wealth of information residing within the public domain, intelligence officials are increasingly interested in organizing and unifying public sources of information in order to enhance situational awareness. As this need for unclassified intelligence continues to grow, the requirement for a flexible and intelligent analytics solution delivered via a scalable and reliable cloud environment will become critical.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Digital Reasoning and Amazon Web Services have partnered to deliver the industry’s most advanced cloud based analytics environment. We will talk about the benefits of the AWS GovCloud (US), its flexibility, scalability and operational efficiency, coupled with Digital Reasoning’s cognitive computing analytics platform, Synthesys – and how the combined solutions deliver unparalleled open source intelligence capabilities. Additionally, we will be discussing current trends and requirements within the advanced analytics sector and recent survey results provided by Seth Grimes.

We invite you to register for this webinar taking place on Tuesday, July 24th, at 2 pm (EDT) where you can engage federal and big data thought leaders in an open and lively discussion regarding advanced analytics, open source intelligence and the current analytical demands of the federal sector.

Attendees will learn:

  • How advances in cognitive analytics are helping to answer many of today’s most challenging “open source intelligence” questions
  • What is needed in order to operationalize and manage data analytics within a cloud environment
  • The benefits of leveraging cognitive computing within a cloud environment
  • How a variety of industries are using advanced analytics to solve real problems, including results from Seth Grimes’ most recent industry survey

Featured Speakers

  • Max Peterson – GM, Global Public Sector, Amazon Web Services
  • Bill DiPietro – VP, Product Management, Digital Reasoning
  • Seth Grimes – Analytics Industry Observer & Analyst
Featured Speakers
Max Peterson – GM, Global Public Sector, Amazon Web Services
Bill DiPietro – VP, Product Management, Digital Reasoning
Seth Grimes – Analytics Industry Observer & Analyst