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HCA implementing AI-powered cancer app
HCA Meets “Quadruple Aim” With AI-powered Cancer App
Artificial intelligence is helping healthcare organization to lighten the administrative burden on frontline staff, reports Diagnostics World, a publication of the Cambridge Healthtech Institute.

If platforms built on artificial intelligence (AI) are to be useful and scalable for healthcare settings that are typically chaotic and strapped for IT talent, there are a few prerequisites. Solve a problem. Be easy to implement and minimally disruptive. And offer a tangible return on investment—ideally, help organizations meet their “quadruple aim” of enhancing the patient experience, improving population health, reducing costs and improving the work life of clinicians and staff.

That is precisely the approach taken by Digital Reasoning to make its foray into healthcare with one of the nation’s leading providers—HCA Healthcare, which three years ago invested $5 million in the machine learning pioneer. The cognitive computing firm knew the right questions to ask of the data because it asked the experts—HCA clinicians and not just its data scientists—says Paul Alexander Clark, director of healthcare research at Digital Reasoning.

The overarching problem that AI can help fix is the administrative burdens on frontline staff. “Any time you have someone reading or skimming large volumes of information and making logical, rules-based decisions, you are going to have an AI opportunity,” says Clark, notably to “augment and amplify the efforts of the care team.”

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